The Documents

The public records, available in the courthouses in Pikeville and Logan and in the archives in Frankfort and Charleston, are anathema to the writers of feud fables.  The public record thoroughly demolishes the feud yarn in all its iterations, from Spears in 1888 to King in 2013.

The variance between the actual historical record and the feud fables is so great that many folks refuse to believe it unless they see the actual records. A citation is not enough. With that in mind, I have decided to collect the most important documents here, making them available to all who wish to see the actual record. I do this with full knowledge that the feud liars will continue to disseminate their compilations of falsehoods as history; nevertheless, it is my hope that at least a few youngsters will see these records and become interested in real history as opposed to fable.


The 1882 Indictment for the murders of the three McCoys who had killed Ellison Hatfield.




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